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Žanr: Pop - Zabavna

Nataša Bekvalac is one of the most famous Serbian pop stars. She is born on 25th of september, 1980 in Novi Sad. She started her carrier on summer music festival „Sunčane skale“ with song „Laži me“ ( Lie to me). With her beautiful voice and her perfect beauty, she blasted into the Southern Europe pop scene in a very short time... Since than she published 5 albums and in april 2016 come up with, new long expected album „Original“(Original). She has been recognized and honored at several festivals, music award ceremonies, and competitions. In two last years she launched a new hit songs "Iz daleka" ("From afar") and "Dođi mami" ("Come to mama") and really fast became no1 hits in the region top lists! At february 2020 Nataša have made one of the best live concert in southern-east europe. It was a performance "SOS ZA LJUBAV" which was performed for almost 20 000 attendances in Belgrade "Arena"...

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