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Žanr: Narodna - Folk, Etno - Izvorna - Worldmusic - EthnoJazz

The hardest Balkan Band in the world... "The Second Generation" plays Strong, Hot Balkan music that knows no borders. Like a soundtrack for a Kusturica film – in Swedish! Andra Generationen is one of Scandinavia’s most foremost balkan groups today. The name means ”The Second Generation” and the band was started in 1988 by second generation immigrants in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, traditionally dominated by industry such as Volvo and SKF, and in the past also shipyards. The musicians are sons of men and women who came to Sweden from Macedonia in the ’50s and ’60s to work in the Swedish industry. The lyrics are in Swedish, but the music is from Balkan. The music of Macedonia forms the base of Andra Generationen’s music, mixed with Serbian turbo folk, Gypsy, Turkish and Oriental music. This is further blended with a lot of improvisation and influences from modern dance beats to create an irresistible show for the modern World music listener. This six piece band includes vocals, saxophones, accordion, synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums, zurla, tarabuka and other percussion. The band have often performed live on Swedish national radio and TV. Our CDs “Kärlekens Land” (The Land Of Love), released in 2004, "Extra Allt" (Extra of everything), released in 2008 and the last CD "Hippare Hoppare" released in 2010 by Warner Music has had plenty of airplay. Besides clubs and festivals, radio and TV, we also often play at weddings and other parties for Macedonians, Swedes and others – this music knows no borders!

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