Vrsta izvođača Bend/Orkestar

Žanr: Rock - Hard Rock - Heavy

Fast becoming the kings of storytelling, this five piece rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia are starting to set the world alight with their electrifying live performances and blowing minds with powerfully honest rock tracks. Rising from the ashes of the former Yugoslavia, M8 (lead vocals), Lil’ Coly (rhythm guitar), Grey (lead guitar), Warden (bass guitar), and Styx (drums) took no prisoners with their hard hitting debut album “So It Begins”. You can expect the stories to get even stronger with their second album “Purge” due to be released in 2021. BaYaT’s army of fans has been steadily growing with track sales in over 40 countries around the world and there are no signs of it slowing down as they keep slamming out one fantastic song after another. BaYaT have some really exciting venues lined up for next year as well as they continue their rise through the ranks as a globally recognised rock band. “M8’s vocals captivate you like no other, you can’t help but believe him.” says David Kitching, BaYaT manager.

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