Vrsta izvođača Pevač

Žanr: Narodna - Folk, Pop - Zabavna

Ivana Krunić was born on January 12, 1990 in Belgrade, and she started playing music at the age of ten, while singing at the competition in the elementary school she attended. Although she used to work as a model and journalist, she realized that music was her greatest love, so she enrolled in the Kosta Manojković Music School in the field of solo singing, which she successfully completed together with the Zemun High School. After high school, he enrolled at Singidunum University, majoring in marketing and commerce. In 2010, she achieved her first successful musical collaboration with rapper Dr. Igijem, as the female vocalist at his concert. 
 Later, with the singer Sha, she recorded the duet songs "Big Boss", "Bed Boy" and "Under the Wings", as well as "Lie to Me Once More" with Arindy MC and "Now I Know" with Dee Monk, as well as the song "Kokain”with the Elitni Odredi. In November 2010, she became part of the group “Luna,” together with Lidija Jadžić, where she released three albums as part of the group. In 2017, he left the group “Luna” and began a solo career. In 2019, he entered the reality show Zadruga. She has since released multiple singles, “Pijana Sinoc”, “PMS”, “Zenski Copor”, “Fama” and some duets, “Brat Na Brata” with Tea Tairovic and “Kriziram” with Adobeli.

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