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Žanr: Pop Rock

Autogeni Trening is an alternative band from Podgorica, Montenegro that has been working since 2000. The name was given by their friend a sound engineer Vladimir Vukasinovic. "Autogenic training as a term represents contemporary method of medical relaxation"(Antoan Poro - Encyclopedia of psychiatry) In the beginning, the band was constantly changing its members. In 2002. they recorded a demo album "Uvek ti sebe nadji"(Always you find yourself) wich, due to bad organized distribution, remained unnoticed. In 2004. band's line up came to three constant members: Dino Kapetanovic - vocal & guitar, Ilija Kojovic - bass & back vocals, and Bojan Bojanic - drums. At the beginning of 2007. in "Draft" studio, Belgrade, new album "Previse.."(Too much…) was finished and is about to be released soon. In addition two videos were made (Nepopravljivi and Mulj) Band often performs at various festivals all across former Yugoslavia. Also in sept. 2006. they toured Germany. After releasing the album "Previse…" they intend to get on with work on their new album, for wich the material already exists. As well, band will record a remake of "Uvek ti sebe nadji" album. In order to give a try in breaking through their country borders, they will record few of their songs in English language.

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