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Žanr: Pop Rock

Joker Out is the first young band to gain nationwide popularity in Slovenia in the last 20 years. Since their formation in 2016, they have been one of the main actors of the revival of the live music scene, which has finally gained mass interest among the youth. Shagadelic Rock n’ Roll, as their energetic but seductive brand of rock is termed, has taken the nation by storm. With the lead singles of their critically acclaimed debut studio album - Umazane Misli, they took over the radio and streaming charts, while simultaneously touring around the country, often playing at highly attended shows, filled with explosive grooves and catchy melodies, which fans passionately sing along to. This has brought them two consecutive artist of the year awards as well as one song of the year award. Looking forward they have their eyes set on the largest venue in Slovenia as well as potentially expanding into foreign territories with their highly anticipated sophomore studio album - Demoni

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