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Žanr: Pop - Zabavna, Pop Rock

Drummer, keyboardist, composer, producer, recording and producing his own material. Keyboardist at Funky State of Mind, Belgrade. Born in Belgrade, in a family of art aficionados and performers as well, with his father being a guitar player and choir singer, mother a folklore dancer and sister a keyboard player, from the earliest of age Miloš was exposed to the beautiful diversity of music language. As the years went by, he meticulosly listened to and developed the same great passion for wide range of genres and styles, from classical music, new age, jazz, blues, fusion, soul to pop, rock, funk, latin and r&b. He went on to graduate on a percussion department at the Primary Music school ''Vatroslav Lisinski'' in Belgrade and was admitted to the jazz drums department at the Secondary Music school ''Kornelije Stanković''. However, from personal reasons he withdrawn from further studies at the second year, but nevertheless he is pursuing his dream of enrolling a studies at the Faculty of Music the following year... Throughout the years, Miloš performed at many concerts and gigs in Serbia, ranging from festivals and competitions to club gigs. Some of the notable artists and bands from Serbia Miloš has recorded or performed with are Flow (being a drummer for three years and composer of two songs), Dragan Mars (recording the percussion parts on his latest album), and the most recently, the active keyboard player at the Funky State of Mind (project by Vladimir Petrović) and choir singer at the Merry Gospel Choir. Along with these engagments, Miloš is working at his home studio, recording his own material in a variety of genres.

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