Vrsta izvođača Bend/Orkestar

Žanr: Pop - Zabavna, Pop Rock

On June 2016 three guys in their twenties gathered to their first rehearsal and so was born Fiction – Macedonian modern rock band, acoustic trio between three friends. The guys are sitting side by side, discussing on Macedonian their point of view to the upcoming interview. We are sitting in Beertija Pub with rain banging the roof and thunder yelling in the sky. Petar, the vocalist of the band explains how he and Viktor, one of the guitar players, were playing some gigs in cafes and pubs in Skopje before Fiction was formed and points out that they needed better sound. “And more money to be honest” Viktor laughs in the background. The history of the guys goes way back from playing together. Petar and Filip, the other guitarist, met on the first grade in high school, but later on it was Victors’ idea to invite Filip to play with them.

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