Vrsta izvođača Bend/Orkestar

Žanr: Pop - Zabavna, Pop Rock

Based in North Macedonia, FUNK SHUI represents an eclectic collective that has been curious enough to continuously work on sharpening their skills in finding new ways of musical expression. With the album debut "Aether" in 2012, and then "R.E.M." in 2015, as well as the EP "Impuls" in 2018, their growth and vision can be chronologically followed and set to present something that is difficult to be defined as a single genre, but more as a feeling and a cause. FUNK SHUI has created a significant and unique path into redefining quality, expression, and pure talent across the region. As a truly outstanding and hardworking band, Funk Shui is catching the eyes & ears of many. A remarkably important piece added into the regional repertoire is the single METEORI – voted - Single of the year 20`. Funk Shui delivered a seriously mature breath of music, followed by a truly mind-blowing video for VETER. Both singles are just a spark of what the upcoming album in 2021 is going to bring.

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